WFH Studio: System — Notion Template

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Stay on top of your work from home life with our foundational suite of templates, built and customized for the Notion user who seeks to create a central hub to manage both work, life, and personal goals.

What's Inside:

  • Task + Project Management: Break down your work into achievable steps with our Task, Project, and Client framework. Tasks contribute to a specific Project within a wider Client or a personal Goal. This approach allows you to be realistic with your time keep track of your productivity.
  • Dynamic Dashboards: Optimize your time and manage work/life expectations with our custom-built dashboards that allow you to see your upcoming responsibilities and personal database – My Stuff – in our connected Daily and Monthly views.
  • Daily Habit Tracker: Keep up with your personal goals and New Year resolutions with our Habit Tracker, which encourages you to build good habits and stay on track over time.
  • Recipe + Ingredient Management: Build a library of recipes you'd like to cook, as well as the ingredients you need to buy when you go shopping. This is another dynamic function of our System, where once you input the ingredients of a recipe, it auto-populates your Grocery Shopping List page to tell you what you need to buy in order to fulfill it.
  • Personal Library Tracker: Have a lot of books on your shelf that you've been meaning to read? Add them to your Books database to encourage yourself to read more.
  • House Plant Tracker: Grow your green thumb with our starter library of house plants, complete with the basic information you need to know to keep your plants healthy.

What you get: 

  • A duplicatable Notion template that you can copy to your own workspace. It's recommended that you have a Paid Notion account in order to avoid the limit of 1,000 blocks on your Notion account. 
  • The template is pre-configured so you can get started adding your own Tasks, Projects and Clients right away. All of the core Dashboard views will be live updating as you add new Tasks.
  • A set of custom icons that you can download and use in your own Notion in PNG format.

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WFH Studio: System — Notion Template

2 ratings